Intelligent Content Management System

The ICONS project (Intelligent CONtent Management System, IST-2001-32429, January 2002- April 2004), was successfully completed! The project was both initiated and co-ordinated by Rodan Systems. The project’s results ware accepted by the European reviewers in the rigorous evaluation process (3 formal reviews took place in July 2002, March and November 2003). Looking backward to January 2002 (or even a year earlier, when the project proposal had been prepared) we can see the way we went through. We see that the efforts amounting to 400 person months of total value exceeding 3 mln Euro were well invested and brought excellent results.

The project major objective was to develop a prototype of platform supporting a uniform, knowledge-based access to distributed information resources available in the form of web pages, pre-existing heterogeneous databases (formatted, text, and multimedia), business process specifications and operational information, as well as legacy information processing systems.

Turning information (classified and categorised data) into knowledge (personalised and contextualised information) has been one of the principal goals of advanced information systems developed in all realms of social and economic life of modern societies. Terms like "knowledge management", "knowledge engineering" and "knowledge productivity" became ubiquitous in corporate board rooms as well as IT departments.

The research achievements were validated and published on numerous conferences and workshops (78), in journals (12) and books (4), documented in the project deliverables (41 formal project reports, out of which 16 publicly available).

Most of the innovative solutions were elaborated up to the detailed design level and implemented within the ICONS platform for knowledge intensive application development. 19 modules were implemented from scratch or as an extension of the existing open source modules and contributed by partners. The modules cooperating with each other within the precisely engineered ICONS platform architecture provide a comprehensive set of generic services indispensable for development of any type of KM intensive portal.

More information on the project can be found here (document Acrobat Reader, 1,46 MB).

More informatio on websit www.icons.rodan.pl. (eng.)


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